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Prepare for Birth with Acupuncture

An observational study indicated benefits of prebirth acupuncture

  • Shorter duration of labour
  • 35% reduction in medical induction rate
  • 32% decrease in emergency caesarean rate
  • 31% decrease in epidural rate
    (Betts and Lennox 2006)

This New Zealand study was not a placebo controlled double-blinded randomised trial but an observation from actual acupuncture treatments compared to overall birth outcomes in the same region and timeframe. While this format of research can be biased for example towards who has sought acupuncture, the format has some value in reflecting actual clinical practice.

acupuncture in pregnancy

From week 36: Prepare body & mind for birth

Weekly acupuncture from week 36 until the start of labour will aim to support the hormonal changes and ripening of the cervix, to relax and give you the energy for labour and recovery.

If induction is required and time allows, specific acupuncture can be tried to bring on labour. However, research to date does not support that receiving acupuncture to stimulate contractions improves labour outcomes (Smith et al. 2013). Rather than such last minute intervention, I recommend the weekly preparation by acupuncture from week 36 to support the required natural changes prior to birth (Betts and Lennox 2006).

My treatments are designed to be gentle, deeply relaxing and enjoyable. You and your support person can also learn acupressure for later use during labour.

Acupressure during childbirth

Acupressure is the application of firm pressure on acupuncture points. It can be useful during childbirth to support pain relief and hands-on partner involvement. New Zealand based acupuncturist Debra Betts is an expert in the field and has kindly provided instructions for self use as a free download from her website, see here.

From week 1: Acupuncture is traditionally used for

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Muscular Skeletal Pain
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Breech Position (week 33-36)

Safety of acupuncture during pregnancy

Various studies indicate that acupuncture is a useful drug free approach and safe during pregnancy (Betts 2006; Park et al. 2014; Smith et al. 2002). However there may be risks involved in any type of treatment and it is important that you consult a highly qualified and registered acupuncturist.


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